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October 22, 2018

While cooking food, it’s hard that you don’t use cooking oil. In today’s world when everybody is very much concerned and health-oriented, they want the Healthiest Cooking Oil in their food. No matter whether you do sauté, deep fry or shallow fry, oil will be used; you have no other choice to make.

There are many variants also which are available like sunflower, olive, soybean, rice bran, coconut, peanut, sesame, etc. but all come with different composition and have different benefits also. They all have different tastes too, which not also impact the taste of the food but also affects the nutritional value when you cook them. Many coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala offer coconut oil which has anti-oxidants and are rich in nutrients too.

When there are numerous brands available in the market, it makes it more difficult to decide on the best cooking oil for health is. There are different characteristics or you may say factors such as like flavor, fat composition, oils temperature at which it will break down, and its smoke point, which you should consider when you decide to buy the healthiest cooking oil, but it’s not a difficult task to understand. So, let’s start to learn in detail how to select the best cooking oil for health,

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  1. Flavor:

    Most of the cooking oils have their neutral taste, which allows them to be used simply for cooking food while many other cooking oils bear the flavor of its parent ingredients, which may surpass the taste of your dish which you cook. Like peanut oil has a strong peanut taste or flavor and coconut oil also has its vital flavor while sunflower oil has its neutral taste. So, when you choose the oil for cooking, ensure you know the flavor of it means which flavor it will produce or give it to the food.

    If you only want to sauté your vegetables, then choose the oil with neutral or natural flavor like olive oil. But if your taste buds are strong and you like different flavors in your food, then choose peanut or sesame oil. Note, every oil has a different flavor which adds the different taste to the dish.

  1. Fat Composition:

    The most important factor while deciding on healthiest cooking oil is its fat composition. Although all oils have some fat in it, what kind of fat is it, like saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and trans-fats?

    Unsaturated fats are good for your health and lower the chances of cancer and heart diseases. Any vegetable oil will be best as its fat are good. It is always advisable to avoid saturated fats, as they are not good for health and increases the cholesterol level of your body, which is an invitation to many diseases like obesity and heart disease. If at all it can’t be avoided, as maximum oils do contain some saturated fats, it’s good to limit them. Oil which contains trans- fats is big NO in any scenario as they are not at all good for your body.

    So keep this in mind when you choose the cooking oil to get maximum benefits. There are many coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala who produce varieties of oil which specifically mention the fat compositions.

  1. Smoke Points:

    Smoke point of oil refers to the point up to which oil can tolerate heat. Majority of oils are healthy when they are kept at room temperature but will lose its vital nutrients when heated. So, oils which have low heat tolerance are not advisable for cooking or frying at high temperatures.

    Knowing any oil’s smoke point will allow you to heat and cook your food at the right temperature. As when heated it will release such toxins which are harmful to your body. They will also generate the trans-fat which is worse for your health.

It’s very important from your health perspective to consider all points when you buy the cooking oil.

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