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In addition to the unmatchable quality of our products, We Kissan Coconut Oil, the coconut oil manufacturers in India ensures transparency and customer-friendy services. Our excellent manufacture, order, and delivery are one click away now. Don’t forget to leave us feedback!

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Head office

Kissan Coconut Oil Mills,
P.O. Kallettumkara,Irijalakuda


1800 270 50 40


+91-790 26 80 800


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Mr. Kissan coconut oil, the leading coconut oil manufactures in Kerala, stands for an evergreen superfood in all time. As An ISO and Agmark Certified Company, we crave to provide the finest available edible oil to our customers and are produced without any preservatives. The coconut oil manufacturing company Mr. Kissan Coconut Oil incepted at Kalettukara in Thrissur district in 1981. We effectively influence the kitchen and heart of the coconut oil lovers across the Kerala and world. We endeavor to create the best solution for our consumers who give priority to nutritional value and the purity of edible coconut oil. Also, we ensure to available the best coconut oil at affordable rates to our consumers.


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Address: Kissan Coconut Oil Mills, P.O. Kallettumkara,Irijalakuda Thrissur, Kerala - 680683 TOLL FREE NUMBER : 1800 270 50 40 790 23 80 800, 790 26 80 800, 790 29 80 800