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April 30, 2020by Nirmal Agro Foods

Are you surprising how to ensure the purity of coconut oil? How to identify pure coconut oil? Can you suggest the advice and artificial way to test coconut oil? These are the questions people always raise each other, because in our time due to the food adulteration they never know which food is good. Moreover, And how to find out the pure goods from these polluted surroundings merely a tough task.
Coconut oil is generally known as a “superfood” and, it is a unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil. It could have helped to hike your positive effects on your health, which includes encouraging fat loss, recovering heart health, and boosting brain function. Mainly people make use of coconut oil for their food preparation, but many others like manufacturers have used coconut oil for the preparation of products such as fried foods, sweets, and shampoos.
Because of increasing awareness about coconut oil remarkable health benefits and the growing success of a few brands, several new virgin coconut oil brands have launched around the world. Today, there are also available some low-quality coconut oils. This type of oils gives the coconut oil industry a bad name. But, also to available much high quality and a few extraordinary quality coconut oils in the market. Here to give some guidelines to help you distinguish the good product from the not-so-good product. Mainly, there are four things you can check for in a high-quality coconut oil:

1. Virgin Coconut Oil
The first thing is to find and try Virgin coconut oil. For the best healthy use, Virgin coconut oil recommended over non-virgin or RBD oil. RBD oil stands for refined, bleached, and deodorized oil. The processed coconut oil removes and destroys nutrients. So, the less processing higher the nutrient content of food undergoes and the healthier it is. But the Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut without high heat or chemicals.
The product, virgin coconut oil, is less refined than RBD oil and it, retains more natural phytonutrients to get more smell and flavour. In RBD oil, every phytonutrient has separated, so it is tasteless and odourless. However, it’s generally considering that Virgin coconut oil is superior to RBD oil, but not all virgin oils are of equal quality.There are many different ways to make virgin coconut oil a wide range of quality among virgin coconut oils. The methods and care used in the process determine the final quality.
2. Purity
The second thing you look for in high-quality coconut oil is purity. Pure coconut oil naturally has a high melting point. At 24 degrees C (76 degrees F) and lower it becomes solid, at higher temperatures it turns into a liquid.
High-quality virgin coconut oil should be snow-white in colour when it is solid and water clear when liquid. The discolouration is a sign of contamination or excessive heating during processing.
Contamination can be from mould or smoke residue. Smoke residue is caused by heating over a fire during processing to remove moisture from the oil. Some high-quality extra virgin coconut oils use other advanced methods to remove moisture without heating the oil.
3. Aroma and Flavour
The third thing to look for in high-quality coconut oil is aroma and flavour. Virgin coconut oils should have a mild coconut smell and taste. If not, they have been highly refined. If they have no flavour they are essentially RBD oil, even if they did come from fresh coconut.
Some virgin coconut oils have a very strong flavour or smell. This usually indicates a poor quality oil because the smell and taste come mainly from contaminates and not coconut. Beware of oils that do not taste and smell like fresh coconut.
Many virgin coconut oils use some type of heat in processing. Often smoke from the heating process contaminates the oil giving it a roasted or smoky smell and taste. Some of these contaminated oil smell like roasted coconut and taste like ash.
The very best virgin coconut oils do not have a strong roasted or smoky taste or smell. They should have a very mild coconut aroma and flavour. The flavour should not be overpowering, but just mild enough to enjoy without overpowering the flavour of the foods it’s used with.
4. Price
The fourth criteria are the price. You get what you pay for. Obviously, a very inexpensive oil is going to be of inferior quality. Often, the cheapest oils are the most disagreeable tasting and usually tainted with residual contaminants.

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