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March 10, 2020by Nirmal Agro Foods

Is coconut oil harmful to health? Can coconut oil really aid you to control your fatty acid? This is the common quarry many of them usually discuss in various time, However here try to find out the answer of your many times argued questions.

Coconut oil is generally known as a “superfood”, yes, it is a unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil could have helped to hike your positive effects on your health, which includes encouraging fat loss, recovering heart health and boosting brain function.

Many people use coconut oil for cooking and many others like manufacturers have begun to use coconut oil in packaged products such as fried foods, sweets, and shampoos. However, the result of the survey in the United States that 72% of the people believed that coconut oil was helpful to improve sound health. Moreover, the result published in 2018 recommended that extra virgin coconut oil’s impact on cholesterol may be equal to that of olive oil.

Nutrition of Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains 100% fat, for the most part, saturated fat. However, the fat in coconut oil varies from that of many other vegetable oils and mainly consists of long-chain acid. It also includes vitamin E, except no fiber and other minerals

1tbs of coconut oil supply

121 calories

0g of protein

13.5 g of fat, of which 11.2 g is saturated

0 milligram of cholesterol

Advantages of coconut oil

1. Coconut oil control healthy fatty acid

Coconut oil is high in saturated fat and these fats have varied results compared to the other vegetable oils and animal products. The fatty acids in coconut oil can help to support the body to burn fat and also provide fast energy to the body and brain, increase HDL Cholesterol in the blood which keeps heart disease risk.

2. Coconut helps heart health

Coconut is a common food in Kerala however other people like north Indians have regularly not used coconut. According to the study, the population who lives in south pacific was getting over 60% of their calories from coconuts. Researchers reported that this population had good health with very low rates of heart disease. So coconut consumptions are very essential for heart health.

3. MCTs support fat burning

By the fast-growing modern culture, obesity is one of the major health conditions of the current scenario. While some people believe obesity is just a matter of how many calories someone eats, so the source of the calories is a very important thing.

The MCTs (Medium- Chain Triglyceride) in coconut oil can boost the number of calories the body burns compared to long-chain fatty- acids. The study shows that make use of 15-30 grams of MCTs per day help to improve 24-hour energy expenditure by 5%. So, coconut oil is very high in calories and can easily lead to weight gain in a large amount.

4. Help to reduce hunger

One of the exciting features of MCT in coconut oil is that they can trim down hunger. It is related to the mode of the body metabolizes fat, because ketones can reduce a person’s hunger. Actually, the study has shown that coconut oil is not as much of quench as MCT oil.

5. Coconut oil can raise HDL cholesterol

Natural saturated fat in coconut oil aids to boost good HDL cholesterol in the body. By improving the HDL cholesterol, exporters consider that coconut oil could be very effective for heart health compared to other fats.

6. Coconut oil can revamp the skin and hair

Many people are applying coconut oil for cosmetic purposes to improve the health and appearance of skin and hair. The moisture content of coconut oil softening the dry skin and reduce other skin diseases. Coconut oil can also protect against hair damage. Study shows that it’s have worked like a weak sunscreen, blocking about 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

7. Helps to boost brain functions

The main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is dementia and it’s commonly found out in very old adult people. Alzheimer’s patient’s brain capacity to use glucose for energy is very low. However, researchers have recommended that ketones can provide alternative energy for these malfunctioning systems of brain cells to reduce the symptom of Alzheimer’s ailments.

8. Helps to reduce harmful abdominal fat

The fatty acid in coconut oil can control the appetite and boost up fat burning. It helps to manage to lose weight. Abdominal fat lodges in the abdominal void and around the organs. MCTs show to be effective at reducing belly fat than LCTs. So people should use coconut oil because its Calories are very high than other oils.

Here hope your doubts about the use of coconut oil have clarified. So make sure to have some coconut oil on your hand because it is essential in all-time use.

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